Core team development and operation budget Q1-Q2 2019



A new year has started for Polis with a lot of challenges and enthusiasm, in 2018 the Core Team was able to finance Polis and the initial projects with resources received from the goverance, the 1% premine and our own funds, we have overcome very important challenges, such as the transition from POW to POS, which was a great challenge for the development team, and laid the foundations for what we are sure will be a great project in the Crypto space, such as the PolisPay App with its Debit Card and soon Polis Nodes.

In 2019 the Core Tam will focus mainly on the following 6 lines of action that aim to ensure the future development and consolidation of Polis *:

  • PolisPay
  • PolisNodes
  • Olympus Project
  • Legal and Administrative Strengthening
  • Consolidation of the Work Team (Developers, Marketing, Back office of PolisPay and PolisNodes, Legal compliance, Administration and Management)
  • Promoting more use cases for POLIS

All information for this lines of acction will be reported in the following months.


For operation in the next 6 months we will have the following expenses:


Salaries $ 83,211 50.52%
Developers (8)
Public Relations and Marketing (3)
Back office of PolisPay and PolisNodes (3)
Administration and Management (4)
Legal and Accounting $ 23,078 14,01%
Office Expenses $ 18,316 11.12%
PolisPay Platform $ 10,989 6.67%
Taxes $ 29,124 17.68%
TOTAL EXPENSES $ 164,718 100.00%

The expected income for the next 6 months for the Core Team comes from different sources:


Stake and Masternodes $ 28,989 16.98%
Governance $ 38,316 22.45%
PolisPay, PolisNodes and others $ 103,400 60.57%
INCOME TOTAL $ 170,705 100.00%

Some of the revenues are estimated in conservative values ​​that the Polis and the BTC may have in the coming months.

The Core Team requires 14,000 Polis per month, we already receive 2,000 from Polis-Core-Team-Monthly-Budget and 800 from Polis-Core-Team-PolisPay-Monthly-Budget, so this proposal will be for 11,200 Polis Monthly for the next 6 months , this represents 22.45% of our income.

We require the support from the entire Community to continue with our work that will surely benefit Polis.

I remain at your service for any questions



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