Community Engagement On Social Media Platforms

Good day everyone! I am Sylvain and fairly new to the Polis community. You might have seen me in discord/telegram. I also did a couple YouTube videos about Polis recently.

I am going to try to keep this post fairly short :).

I would like to recommend to be present on other “Decentralized” social media platforms. such as;

  • Uptrennd (we could form a Polis community on there)
  • Hive (formerly Steemit, even if steemit is still running…lol)
  • Floyx (you can form a community around your project)
  • Upload videos on and 3Speak (Hive)
  • Upload more content on the Reddit page
  • Write updates/articles on Medium

There are more than this list, but this could be a starting point in engaging more people in the community.

From what I have seen so far, most the content is either on the YouTube channel or in the discord/telegram groups (and a bit of twitter). I believe there could be major improvements to be made in that aspect so we reach out other people in crypto or not in crypto.

So this is not really a proposal at the moment, but would just like to discuss this subject. And Yes I am willing to help out in accomplishing this :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think.


Your proposal is very interesting to me and I think it can be useful for Polis, I encourage you to specify it and if you have the possibility, talk it directly with Eros to see how we can support the development of this initiative.

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