Building a "#PolisArmy" for more attention on Twitter

Hello dear community.

This proposal aims to draw more attention to our project alongside the upcoming social media expert.
This idea refers to Twitter, as it is the most crypto-relevant social media from my point of view.

Please note:
It’s a basic idea, I’m not a developer and don’t know how and if my idea is technically feasible, so please share your thoughts about the idea in the comments.

Following the example of “#xrparmy”, “algofam” and many others, we could name “ambassadors” who are already active in our community and ideally already have a certain number of followers on Twitter.

The task of these ambassadors is to spread “the word polis” for a small fee.

These ambassadors, let’s make it 3-5 people, have to be active every day with at least 4-5 posts.
Nothing spectacular, just content like:
“the polis staking is so awesome”.
“Check out the new vaults”
“hot new branding”
and so on.
Of course with daily references to our website, farm and Twitter page.

The ambassadors can of course bring more content than 4-5 a day, the more the better and also content outside of crypto is always good.
Here is an example:
I have known her for 2 months now when I started with my content, she has grown from 500 to almost 2k followers in that time.

With the followers that our ambassadors generate through this work, the real proposal starts, and here is the point that you should please discuss below, how and if it is feasible:

You may know Gobyte’s “earn with twitter program” :

EXACTLY that. Let’s make it possible for people to receive micro payments through retweets.
It’s free for people to retweet and follow our ambassadors and own Twitter page and then get paid for it? Who doesn’t want that?
This micro amount doesn’t have to be much - 0.1 or 0.2 polis per retweet maybe?

When I look at our treasury, I think 1k-1.5k USD is possible. At the current price, that would be between 5400 and 8100 polis.
If the campaign ends successfully because the available money runs out, it is still possible for the community to reactivate this proposal,

What happens with the compensation (let’s say 20-25% of the amount we want to spend on this campaign) is up to the ambassadors themselves. I personally trust the people to understand the meaning of their work.
So they are also free to organise giveaways and grow faster, because as you know, that always attracts people.

As an ambassador, you should be aware of one thing:

You work for the project, just like the DAO.
It is also in your interest that the project grows.
In my opinion, the ambassadors should be placed under the DAO marketing to enable flat communication.
It should be possible for DAO Marketing to replace/dismiss an ambassador if they feel the ambassador is not fulfilling their duties.

As you can see, this idea is still a bit unsorted, but I think everyone understands what I’m getting at and what this campaign is trying to pull off.

Thanks for reading and please discuss, give your opinions on this idea!


Hello, I love the proposal, I have a question as marketing is usually outside of the scope of what I do.

Do you know if ambassadors from other projects receive any type of training or material so that they can communicate key ideas for the project? If so what would the content be like and who should create it (I’m guessing marketing)?

Other than that I really like the concept, let’s just tune the details of it!

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first, thanks for your words. I´m glad you like it.
I don’t know how other projects are doing at the moment, but I got this information very quickly.

A briefing by the Marketing DAO would be very good.
The DAO team would have to create a 4-5 page PDF file, probably not too long, and give it to our ambassadors as a guide.
Basically, the people who apply for the role as ambassadors know how Twitter and “triggering the algorithm” works.
If not, our marketing DAO should know, or at least the new SM expert. Or if need be, me. Someone will teach someone interested in the ambassador role how Twitter works. It’s not witchcraft.

Whether the ambassadors really have to explain the complex core tasks of the project - I doubt it. Of course it’s not bad if they know about it (reason for the PDF) but since the ambassadors permanently refer to the Polis Twitter acc, the farm, the website, this is already well covered.

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The answer is no.
The ambassadors of other projects I know do this on a voluntary basis.

I really like the idea of this proposal and that the community is starting to take some action here.

What I don’t like so much is the giveaway idea because free money mostly ends on the seller side of the market but nevertheless I think it would be a good investment of treasury funds if it is well balanced and if we are not starting to throw out thousands of dollars to people who are only hunting the free money on social media.

I believe we can create something out of this and build a guideline and maybe do a small online workshop to explain the core elements for the chosen ambassadors if this proposal will pass.

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I think the idea is a good idea and I think majority of the community would do it for free. On the other hand I’m not a coder but I can imagine setting up the code to scan tweets, using twitter APIs and sending payments in terms of time, resource cost and TX fees would be better spent elsewhere.


Hello Marc.
I understand the argument with “free money”.
The part of our community would, as Kris said, probably do it for free.
The incentive of money is to “provoke” more retweets, likes and @s.
The payments are deliberately kept small so that people cannot influence the price with the money they earn, but at the same time they offer the first incentive to take a closer look at polis (because you already have coins) and then, in the best case, to use one of our products with these polis.

If we disregard the micro payments, we should still provide a certain amount X to enable our ambassadors to giveaways.
I can only speak from my experience, but when I have started a giveaway, it has had a lasting good impact on my follower count.
We are not talking about a lot per giveaway, let it be 20 polis, that would be about $10. so no winner takes a negative impact on the price but makes the work of our ambassadors much easier.

Here are some insights into my Twitter account, 770 followers:

The first picture is my current pinned tweet.
The second is a giveaway.
As you can see, the giveaway from mid-May beats even the pinned tweet that everyone who visits my profile sees.
It’s like real life, if there’s something to win and it’s free to enter, people join in, I’ve seen accounts that exist just for that reason.
And we don’t care if the winner becomes part of the community one day or not (would be nice of course). It’s all about flying through the algorithm, generating retweets and being seen as much as possible.

Don’t get me wrong. My concerns here are targeted to the people who are chasing the giveaways on Twitter to squeeze out as much free money as they can on a daily basis not the ambassadors.
I’ve seen such kind of things several times on different projects and with low volume this could really become an issue. What I also see as a problem are the fees in BNB for micro transactions on Binance Smart Chain.
To not to have too small and much transactions I think we should combine the giveaway with something like a raffle with several task the participants have to accomplish.

Let us just think a bit more about how we can optimize your idea and tweak it a little to make it possible.

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That’s right Marc. As a good example, you can look at Divi with her “Divi Quiz” on Twitter. this should go out from the main polis account, promoted by the ambassadors.
That would be a useful way to give new people entry to polis AND learn something about us in the process.