Bringing Polis to the Heart of Africa (Pre-proposal)



Project Summary
With Nigerian fiat currency (Naira) suffering from massive inflation month after month and year after year due to government corruption and unfavorable regulations; citizens have continued to seek for alternative mediums in which they can make payments as well as perform their daily trades with ease and less attention from the government.
Nigeria as a nation for the past three years have conducted several researches on how to make the economy a cashless one. With most of its citizens being unbanked due to lack of trust in government controlled financial institutions, it is a great time for Polis to appear to the scene and run to the rescue.

This proposal is focused on making Polis the number one cryptocurrency for the Nigerian populace through conducting conferences, seminars and workshops within and outside University campus, as well as having merchants accept Polis as a legal tender so people don’t just keep Polis for purpose of gaining but to use it in their daily lives for purchasing goods and services which makes Polis a true currency and not a buy low sell high cryptocurrency.

This project proposal also seeks to setup a Polis-Outlet where people can trade the country’s fiat currency for Polis and vice versa. This will enable easy purchase of the coin and enable newbies have their questions answered on a one-on-one base which would increase trust and confidence in Polis.

Project Objective
This project primarily focuses on creating a strong foothold for Polis on Africa’s greatest nation (Nigeria). This is to be achieved through Conferences, Seminars, Meetups (within and outside University, Polytechnic, Monotechnic campuses) and creating a Polis-Outlet where Nigerian’s can directly exchange their fiat currencies for polis and vice versa.

Aside from the conferences; we will be holding merchant adoption programs which focuses on speaking to store owners, wholesalers and retailers about accepting polis as a means of exchange.
This will increase the use of polis in the country enormously as it is no longer seen as only a store of value or a buy low and sell high cryptocurrency but as one of the country’s legal tender.

We will be creating a Polis active community in university, polytechnic and monotechnic campuses as well as have restaurants that are frequented by students accept polis as a legal tender and through use of the Polis-Outlet, the restaurant owners can convert their polis to fiat to afford them by goods for their businesses.

How we intend to achieve this
We intend to organize 15 different conferences, seminars and meetup/workshops in 5 different states; where people will be educated on the benefits of cryptocurrency over the traditional fiat currency. Also, to demonstrate how Polis can help eradicate corruption in government and bring about transparency, privacy and a decentralized but fair governance.

These conferences, seminars and workshops will be held in major cities and states in Nigeria which are mostly filled with people of high intellectual abilities which through their contributions; Polis will be seen as an epitome of true financial freedom.

With most of my team members being highly qualified online/offline cryptocurrency marketers with great track record and outstanding success rate, we will be embarking on an aggressive merchant adoption program which is meant to convince and train merchants to accept Polis as a legal tender. As we would make available for them the Polis-outlet where they can exchange Polis fiat currency to enable them buy goods from whole sellers who are yet to start accepting Polis.

Who is Skales (Coin-guardian)
Skales is a programmer, marketer and cryptocurrency enthusiast domiciled in Nigeria.
He discovered crypto currency (bitcoin being the first) in 2014 and since then he has invested the better part of his time studying, researching and evangelizing about cryptocurrency adoption and have organized and attended quite a handful of cryptocurrency related conferences, seminars and meetups.

He found out about Polis early January, 2018, and since then i have been following up on the coin and trying to think of how to not just be part of the community but also how to contribute my quarter to the overall success of the coin and the community

Since his discovery of Polis he has contributed little to the network by holding little meetups and also by making a Polis video series (Video Book) on YouTube which contains introductory contents for newbies, and also answers most questions confusing community members.
Skales is currently translating the Polis whitepaper to pidgin to enable locals conveniently study, understand and connect with the goals of Polis.

Why Polis
After going through the roadmap of the coin, looking up the core team and following up on the latest developments of the coin, Skales was convinced that it is a community he wants to be part of, contribute to and with nothing more than love and enthusiasm he has contributed modestly to the network. However, it only seems logical that a formal budget will help Skales and his team to reach a wider range of audience; as well as make the coin reach great heights in Africa and the world.

The community seem to be growing daily with people who are passionate about the coin and i want to be remembered as one of the few who contributed to the progress of Polis.

He believes in the goal and purpose of Polis as it was easy for me to relate with the community as it gives everyone a voice, making everyone’s opinion matter which makes it standout from others .

How we intend to bring Polis to the Heart of Africa (Nigeria)?
We intend to do this by holding conferences, seminars and meetups in the country and to also tip attendees with a dollar worth of polis.
Rationale: By holding conferences, seminars and meetups we give attendees first hand opportunity to ask questions directly and have their doubts cleared and through sharing a dollar worth of Polis to some of the attendees of the conferences, seminars and meetups, we give them the chance to experience something new and unique; to have the feel of what it is like being in charge of your finances and not have it controlled by any governmental institution.

We intend having merchant adoption programs where wholesalers, retailers and shop owners are advised and encouraged to accept polis as a legal tender. Some of the merchants we intend to start with include the following; hair saloons, boutiques, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, and recreational centres.
Rationale: the core purpose of having money is neither to save it nor invest it but to be able to spend it. Without a place where users of Polis can physical spend their Polis they will only see it as a store of value which makes it a buy low and sale high coin.

We intend to create a Polis-Outlet where the whole sellers, retailers, and shop owners can convert their Polis to the traditional currency to enable them buy goods for their respective businesses which would solidify trust between the Polis community and the general public.
Rationale: One of the reason bitcoin became easily accepted in Africa was because there were means in which Africans could easily convert bitcoin to their respective fiat currencies easily and directly.

Where We Intend to do these?
Lagos, Kaduna, Sokoto, Plateau and Abuja states respectively.
Kaduna: We intend to start the conferences, seminars, meetups and merchant adoption program in Kaduna state which is ranked third in Nigeria’s states with the highest population with a population of 6.3 million people.

After Kaduna state, we will be holding conferences, seminars, meetups and merchant adoption programs in the other states in the following arrangement; Plateau (Population: 3.5 million), Abuja (Population: 2.4 million), Sokoto (Population: 4.2 million), Lagos (Population: 21 million).

Project Kick-off
This project is to be embarked on for three (3) months and so therefore will be started once it has been funded.
As stated earlier, the first state will be Kaduna state.

We will be embarking on a week’s intensive Polis 101 course. This course enables a one-on-one Polis merchant adoption lecture with Whole Sellers, Retailers and Store Owners after which the first conference to be held in Kaduna will be in Kaduna state University.
Rationale: this is because by a research we have recently conducted, it was discovered that people easily accept commodities, services, and products they can easily connect with a physical figure.
Note: this makes it a lot easier for us to convince people to join the Polis community as they can have a physical store where they can spend their Polis for their daily physical needs. These physical stores include;hair saloons, boutiques, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, and recreational centres.

Stage 1: Holding a 7 days Intensive Merchant Adoption Program (One state at a time)
The first thing we will be tackling is the question of “where can I spend Polis”.
We will be holding a 7 days intensive merchant adoption program/lecture in Kaduna state where we will be educating whole sellers, retailers, store owners and taxi drivers on the benefits and importance of making the shift from fiat currency to digital currency (e.g. Polis).
After the program, merchants that agree to accept Polis as a legal tender will be given Polis T-shirts, banners and flyers which would in turn serve as a means of non-verbal adverts for the Polis community.

We will be creating a Polis merchant club which will be made up of merchants that have agreed to accept Polis within their establishments and businesses.
Each city Polis merchant club will hand pick a leader who will be in charge of presenting their issues and progress to us on a weekly basis.
Rationale: this will make adoption easier during the conferences, seminars and meetups as we would have the merchants who agreed to accept Polis present and attest to the fact that the attendees can use their Polis to purchase their daily products and services at their hair saloons, boutiques, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, and recreational centres.

Stage 2: Conferences, Meetups and Seminars.
With the issue of “Where to spend Polis” gone, we will embark on holding 3 conferences, 3 seminars and 3 meetups in different cities within each state.

Students Conference, Meetup and Seminar:
One conference, one seminar and one meetup will be held strictly for students and shop owners in different university campus.
After the meetup, ambassadors will be picked for each institution and these ambassadors are to oversee any Polis related activity within their campuses.
These ambassadors are to set-up a team of Polis advocates within their institution who would help hold meetups in the different departments and faculties of the institution to quicken the spread and adoption of Polis within the institution.

Public Conference, Meetup and Seminar:
The remaining 2 conferences, seminars and meetups will be held for the general public; where people of different social status will be present.
These conferences will target a wider range of audience from different works of life and these include; Entrepreneurs, Bankers, Lawyers, Pastors, Students, Traders, Journalists etc. that will probably be hearing about cryptocurrency or Polis for the first time, so our team will be putting in the best of their abilities in these conferences.

Note: At the end of each conference, seminar and meetup we will have the attendees install the Polis wallet (Desktop or Mobile version) and have them join the Polis telegram and discord groups respectively.
At these conferences we will be giving out some souvenirs such as Polis Pen, Flash Drive and Jotters, which will act as reminders to the attendees after the programs. We would also be giving out some free Polis to some participants based on certain set criteria, so they can have the feel of true freedom.

Stage 3: Setting up the first ever Polis-Outlet
While conferences and merchant adoption programs are being organized and held, work will commence on the Polis-Outlet where people can convert their traditional currencies to Polis and vice versa.

While adoption of Polis grows in each city and each state respectively; people will want to have a place where they can convert their Polis to fiat to enable them to purchase certain goods and services that cannot be purchased by Polis at the time. Most of these services include services rendered by government-controlled institutions such as Hospitals.
With the Polis-Outlet running, the people will be confident that Polis is not a scam but truly a currency since it can be converted to the traditional currency and with time Polis will be at the forefront of the nation’s top legal tenders as the country’s populace will be able to perform their trades using Polis.

Project Validation
As work progresses and challenges are being overcome, a fully comprehensive and concise report will be uploaded on the community forum as well as on our Polis blog. We will also be uploading some of the latest developments and achievements on Twitter, Telegram and Discord for the community to stay abreast on the progress of our work.
The community will be updated on the status of the project every month until the project has been completed.

Conference, Seminar and Workshop Breakdown
Conference Room: $2,500
Conference Advert: $150
Flyers: $50
Banner: $70
Pull-up: $250
Graphic Design: $100
Photo Coverage: $150
Sound System: $250
Alternative Power: $150
Souvenirs (T-shirts, Jotters and Polis handbook): $2,000
Transportation (5 persons): $700
Accommodation (5 persons): $1000
Feeding (5 persons): $300

Polis-Outlet Breakdown
Office Space: $1200
Office Chair (x2): $200
Office Table (x2): $150
Office Stationaries: $170
Desktop Computer: (x2): $250
Transaction fund: $2,500

Other Breakdown
Team Bounty: $1,500
Subtotal: $10,960
Contingency: $500

TOTAL: $14,140

Adoption/Awareness Rate Estimation (Bringing-Polis-to-Africa)

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So thats is very scamy land. Youtube it for more info. PC use level very low in Africa.

I dont know is “scamy land” good or bad for this proposal and for crypto, maybe africans will scam each others maybe proposal owner scam us.

Admin, we have to look at IP whois of all “Presenting polis in” proposals, looks like same guy or two guys.


Thank you so much for your comment… But are you trying to say other continents are free of scammers/hackers/fraudsters? I don’t think your answer would be “Yes”.

And for you to say that PC use level is very low in Africa, please i’d like to see your source(s) . Because according to google analytics Africa is one of the biggest users of cryptocurrency.
Sources: and and .

And this is a decentralized community which means the “admin(s)” are not to decide if this proposal is good for the community or not, rather it is the community that decides through their votes.

Lastly; you should check the passed proposals containing “presenting Polis to …” and the work they have done so far so you can tell if i am the same person.

Best Regards!