Bringing Polis To Romania


Summary proposal:

We have a single objective with this Proposal, “Bring Polis to Romania!” Let’s create a chain of Marketing in social media, focusing on platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

  • We will present the Polis Project so that they know its potential.

  • Soon after we will invite them to be part of our communication, thus bringing more demand for Polis and thus adding value!

  • This marketing will be done for a group of specific people, where they are already familiar with the Cryptocurrency, for a better use.

Section 1 - Proposal

  • We will contact influential people in the social media to bring the name Polis to the Romanian community.

  • They will present in their videos:

Point one - Polis Portfolio (pioneer in voting proposals directly from their portfolio);

Point two - Governance system;

Point three - Projects in development (both team core and community-created proposals);

Point four - Masternodes System and rewards;

Point five - PolisPay.

Section 2 – Proposal Projected Cost:

Contracted = 2700 US ~ 3253 Polis

Compensation = 1000 Polis = 1 Masternode

Unforeseen = 300 US ~ 361 Polis

Total = 3000 US ~ 4600 Polis

NOTE: The amount of Polis may change due to its volatility.

Section 2 - How do you plan to do that and how many people are you planning to hire?

We will hire at least 3 influential people will be hired with experience in advertising on social networks. They performed the task of creating videos in accordance with this proposal (Described in Points 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5). They will take the name’ Polis Social Media’ to their readers / listeners

If the proposal is accepted and approved by the community it would start the next week that the funding is sent, it should last around 45 days. There will be a pause between videos being posted for a "strategy" whenever having a video talking about PolisPay!

  • Video of the first contractor

  • 15 days of pause

  • Video of the second hired

  • 15 days of pause

  • Video of the third party

Total: About 45 days

Section 3 - NOTE: Points that some forget the next one will have to tackle!

Section 3a - Benefit to the Community

This Proposal aims to benefit the community so that more people knowing about Polis Blockchain and Believing in their Projects will be interested in having a part of their capital invested in Polis, causing more liquidity and greater purchasing power and thus raising its Value!

Section 3b - Reasons that led me to submit this proposal

I noticed that several people are committed to the development of Polis; I say re-use the proposals "Bringing polis to Mexico and online Hispanic communities" and "Presenting Polis to Brazil (Anteproposal)" so why not bring Polis to Romania and disseminate it throughout the country.

We are moving towards a qualitative shift in the nature of money … toward a world of ‘global villages’ where you can have decentralized governance, set goals for your ecosystem, mechanisms by which you achieve those goals and money through your own crypto or symbolic value within these networks.

Cryptocurrency is a path with no return, only the ignorant are left behind, the world is moving towards decentralization and we cannot be left out!

Section 4 - Elizium Who are you?

Hello, my name is Elizium, I am 30 years old, currently living in Romania in the city of Craiova I work as a freelancer, I entered the cryptocurrency world around the year 2015, since then I have been studying coin projects that have governance and believe that have some future prosperous! One coin that caught my attention was Polis, a coin that is currently very accessible for the quality of its design! But let’s go to the point! I have one simple and sole purpose in this proposal.