Bringing polis to Mexico and online hispanic communities


Proposal Summary

The main objective of “BRINGING POLIS TO MEXICO AND ONLINE HISPANIC COMMUNITIES” is to add value to POLIS through marketing done in major technology events, universities, and social media in Mexico.

We will also find POLIS community leaders in each state, and educate them on how to succesfully create a local POLIS community.

We also want to facilitate the creation of new online hispanic communities, by creating an spanish documentation, POLIS blog, guides and tutorial videos.

Who is Ricgby?

Ricgby is a 22 year old Mexican, who is passionate about cryptocurrency and project management. I currently work for a Automated testing QA company, and I have invested a good amount in POLIS.

I graduated from computer science, and have successfully managed several techonlogy communities over the last 4 years. I also freelanced some cryptocurrency projects.

I openly share my linkedin profile.

If you have any question, you can always send me a message on discord, I will gladly answer: Ricgby#3741, or send me an email to [email protected].

Currently, the POLIS community is suffering from the price drop, and I think I can give value to POLIS by introducing it to the spanish speakers, starting in Mexico.

The Plan

With Mexico fiat currency (mexican peso) suffering from massive inflation year after year due to government corruption; citizens have continued to seek for alternative mediums in which they can make payments as well as perform their daily trades with ease and less attention from the government.

We firmly believe that, with a good education about cryptocurrencies, and to be more specific, POLIS, Mexico can quickly adapt to it because its ease of use (polispay app) and governance system.

Our plan is divided in 3 stages:

1° Stage

The objective of this stage, is creating all the documentation needed for an hispanic person to fully understand cryptocurrency and more specifically POLIS.

To reach this objective, we will follow this plan:

1.1 Create a full spanish documentation for the POLIS cryptocurrency.

1.2 Create online spanish guides / video tutorials including following topics:

  • Setting up your wallet.
  • Sending money to another wallet.
  • Using PolisPay.
  • Understanding and creating a Masternode.
  • Understanding and using the governance system.
  • Backing up your wallet.

Among other videos.

1.3 - Create the POLIS Mexico page for the following social media.

  • Facebook (POLIS and crypto news, 3-4 posts per week).
  • Youtube (video tutorials, POLIS news, answer questions, 1-2 videos per 2 weeks).
  • Blog (POLIS news, mini tutorials, 1 - 2 posts per week).
  • Twitter (Everything POLIS)
  • Hispanic POLIS Discord (day to day chat).

2° Stage

The objective of the second stage, is to create a community around POLIS Mexico.

2.1 - Go to Campus Party, a technology event with the following atendees:

  • 300 Universities.
  • 700 Communietes.
  • 20000 atendees approximately.

We will give a talk in campus party, about the POLIS coin, how the governance system works, and how it can impact our investments.

We will also be promoting the PolisPay app, and giving POLIS shirts and stickers o the people in the event.

In campus party, we will make easy challenges and give POLIS as a reward, to earn the reward you must have done the following:

  • Follow POLIS Mexico on Facebook.
  • Follow POLIS Mexico on Youtube.
  • Follow POLIS Mexico on Twitter.
  • Join POLIS Mexico on Discord.
  • Get POLIS Portfolio.

The challenges can be as simple as answering a question, finding us in the event, etc.

We will also make a little hackaton here, in which we will offer 100 USD in POLIS as a reward.

2.2 We will go to Talent Land, a similar but smaller event than campus party, and we will do the same plan as in there.

2.3 We will go to the top 5 universities in Mexico, and we will talk about POLIS, cryptocurrency, and the governance system, we will be offering shirts and stickers to attendees.

We will also host hackatons, and offer a price of 50 USD in POLIS for the winners.

2.4 Go to minor technology / fintech events to promote POLIS, offering shirts and stickers to attendees.

3° Stage

3.1 In the third phase, we will communicate with our community, and find well suited and trusted community leaders for each mexican state. We will send them a “POLIS evangelist” starter pack, that will include the following:

  • POLIS shirts.
  • POLIS stickers.
  • POLIS Mexico presentation.
  • A guide on how to start POLIS evangelism.

We will communicate with them regularly, and have weekly talks about how we can further spread our word .

What will the POLIS community gain?

The POLIS community will gain the following things:

  • A spanish POLIS documentation.
  • Spanish video tutorials.
  • Tools to introduce any hispanic countries to POLIS.
  • The mexican community.
  • More tools for the POLIS community, because we will be hosting hackatons.

Project Progress

I will be giving feedback in the discord channel, and I will set up a newsletter if this proposal goes through.

Polis Timeline

Recurrent activities:

  • Facebook uploads: 3 - 4 times a week.
  • Twitter uploads: 1 - 2 daily tweets.
  • Blog: 1 weekly post.
  • Youtube: 1 - 2 videos per 2 weeks.
  • Check app translations.
  • Actively seek for technology events / meetups / talks.
  • Recruit POLIS evangelists, and keep an eye on them.
  • Actively seek for Universities to talk about crypto and POLIS.
  • Actively seek for Universities to host POLIS hackatons.

Aug 26 - Aug 31

  • Receive funding.
  • Publish campus party hackathon.
  • Register to do a conference in campus party.
  • Create a social media action plan.
  • Set up discord server.
  • Set up facebook page.
  • Set up twitter page.
  • Set up youtube page.
  • Set up blog.

1 Sep - 15 Sep

  • Spanish documentation for POLIS.
  • Create and plan the presentation for POLIS talks.
  • POLIS talk in Universidad Panamericana.
  • POLIS talk in “fuckup nights” event.
  • Recurrent activities.

15 Sep - 15 Oct

  • POLIS talk in Crypto & Beers meetup.
  • Possible POLIS talk in “Tecnológico de Monterrey”.
  • Possible POLIS talk in “UVM”.
  • Written Guides for POLIS.
  • Recurrent activities.

15 Oct - 30 Oct

  • Create polis shirts and stickers.
  • Video guides for POLIS.
  • Recurrent activities.

30 Oct - 21 Nov

  • Creation of POLIS evangelist guide.
  • Create action plan for campus party.
  • Possible POLIS talk in “Escuela bancaria comercial”
  • Possible hackaton at “Universidad Panamericana”
  • Recurrent Activities.

21 Nov - 26 Nov: Campus party event

  • POLIS hackaton.
  • Mass gifting stickers and shirts.
  • POLIS workshop.
  • Give a talk.
  • Host contest for POLIS rewards.
  • Recurrent activities.

26 Nov - 31 Dic

  • Seek the best community members, and convert them to evangelists.
  • Recurrent activities.


  • Recurrent activities.
  • Mass search for technology / fintech / crypto events in Mexico.
  • Mass search for POLIS evangelists in Mexico.
  • Mass search for University talks in Mexico.
  • Talent land (Same plan for Campus Party).
  • Campus Party 2019.


Documentation and guides: $150

Video Tutorials: $350

Constant marketing (Facebook, youtube, blog): $700

POLIS shirts, stickers: $400

Campus Party fees: $900 (this includes contest prices)

Talent Land fees: $800 (this includes contest prices)

Hackaton rewards: $550

Fuel / locomotion: $350

Compensation: $ 800

TOTAL: US $ 5000 ~ 5,000 Polis


I really like your proposal, it would be useful if you could put a timeline.


I am glad you liked it, will do.


Anarchapulco conférence in Mexico had smartcash, dash and pivx stands to name a few I think polis would fit right in

It’s in february and seems to me like the organization is still ongoing for next year…


Anarchapulco conférence in Mexico had smartcash, dash and pivx stands to name a few I think polis would fit right in
It’s in february and seems to me like the organization is still ongoing for next year…

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll look into that.