As a temporary measure take LP reward and put into staking

As you know due to BNB and BTC price volatility Polis has suffered with constant price drops now at its lowest not many people are prepared to sell but the automated market maker (AMM) at pancake swap is with a huge pool of about 900 thousand Polis.

What I’m suggesting is taking all the LP rewards away and giving it to the Stakers. Until we are ready with products and marketing and let the community decide on the price by traditional book market trades on SouthExchange.

Positives in doing this -

  1. increase coin price by stopping the sale of cheap coins by the AMM, arbitrage and BNB price volatility.
  2. entice people to invest in polis by increasing rewards.
  3. give a true reflection of coin price by traditional means on SouthExchange, hopefully go back to what we was.
  4. when we are ready with products and have the demand, put the LP rewards back so we have liquidity.

As we all learnt having a LP pool paired (BNB) with a high price volatility which is also paired with BTC which is also volatile and having no demand as we in early stages is a recipe for disaster.

Let’s all protect our investments and agree to my pre proposal.

Take LP rewards to Stakers as a temporary measure to protect the coin price
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  • No

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I don’t see how the the proposal leads to any of the listed positives.

  1. This is pure speculation.
  2. the LP reward is higher than the proposed staking would become, so this isn’t a logical conclusion.
  3. I am not clear what this means.
  4. You need liquidity to provide price stability, making the LP smaller leads to higher volatility in contradiction to the benefit listed in step 1.
  5. A centralized exchange is an affront to those who believe in DEFI.