Airdrop governance :
Polis is pleased to offer “a pay to vote reward system” designed to support the governance system.

This proposal will increase awareness for the governance system while rewarding the masternode owners with an airdrop and paving the way for other proposals and general acceptance.

In phase 1 we propose the following :
Monthly funds : 10.000 POLIS
Reward / vote : 4 POLIS
Max votes : 2500 VOTES
The funds and reward amount will be reviewed after 3 months and adjusted to the achieved numbers.
Should there be any unused funds it will be used for (to be determined by the team and community)

  1. Listing fee for another exchange
  2. Marketing
  3. Charity
  4. Burn coins


  1. When will I get paid :
    A: After the airdrop governance proposal gets accepted and the funds are released
  2. How many times can I vote :
    A: You can cast 1 vote per masternode/proposal.
    Example : 5 masternodes, 5 proposals = 25 votes. This equals to 100 POLIS
  3. What will happen when the max number of votes are reached (2500)
    A: The funds will be empty, so no more airdrop for the current month.
  4. Do my old votes count ?
    A: Only votes made starting at 03/07 GMT+1 (22:00) will count
  5.      What proposals can i vote on ?

A: You can vote on any proposal that is still active, to view them go to :
Sort the proposals on “last seen”, the ones that say “Just now” are still active.
6) Do I have to vote yes ?
A: Any vote counts, so voting “NO” will also count

For further information we advise you to regulary check the #airdrop-governance channel.
This proposal has been discussed with the core team and will be reviewed quarterly.