Advertising for Polis and polispay



This proposal aims at bringing polis to the majority of cryptocurrency investors and those who want to become so.

Well placed advertising is one key to make a project successful, the project also has to be good and bring advantage to the investors, last mentioned is done with Polis and the opportunity to create a masternode and the polispay card already, so the only thing that’s missing is the well placed advertising.

The last couple of month our team created a lot of video content around polis already in 3 different languages (German, English, Spanish), about Top masternodes, how to set up a polis node, the advantage of masternodes and many more.

Our team of experienced cryptocurrency specialists plan to leverage on this opportunity to make polis much more known in the crypto, network marketing and investing space.

It’s not just an alternative coin it can also achieve a major popularity and mass adoption rate amongst the populace in the community thereby growing Polis community and extending its reach and acceptance.


The key objective of this proposal is to create a strong awareness for Polis masternodes as a passive income opportunity. Thereby making Polis a major key player in the cryptocurrency and network marketing space for masternodes.

This is to be achieved through three methods which have been successful in the past.

These methods look like this.

  1. Advertising
    Facebook, YouTube and instagram paid advertising. (professional people who working on seo and instagram are in our team already to take care of the best possible placement for advertising)

  2. Webinars
    weekly in 3 languages, English Spanish and German. Everyone will learn in our Webinars about Masternodes, how to set them up and what for an advantage it has for every single one.

  3. Network marketing

It’s known that the most network marketing platforms exit scam and it’s usually just possible for the top to earn the biggest piece of the pie.

Therefore we created a Masternode hosting platform, partners keep their funds in their wallets and commission get paid on the service fee for hosting.

As well we created a rotator affiliate link, so every member has the opportunity to get partners on auto pilot.

No ponzi no binary!

So far we host 45 Polis nodes just via the content we created without paying ads this can be leveraged!


The by far most effective way of marketing is to place the advertising where people look at. Go out into the city’s and try to find out what keeps people’s attention, it’s easy as it sounds liek it’s their phone. Here we can create the awareness of polis that would span world wide the platforms are there and advertising on these are way undervalued you reach 3.500 people with about 7.5$ per day and you decide your audience it’s not random!

~ Gary Vanerchuck
Source facebook promote your post.

These promotions will be used to show how to build a passive income with masternodes and polis as the example coin, the advantages of Polis and polis pay and later on the article of cointelegraph we will put in a additional proposal!

Promotions will also run on YouTube Instagram and Facebook. As well on coinmarketcap and other platforms of cointelegraph with a written article about polis and polispay if granted from the community.

General Preparation

Polis marketing sales funnel
Video content
Our team has created sales funnel. With follow up system that can be used for all our projects.

As well content is already existing.

We are in contact with several influencers and the cointelegraph team to create the best possible content for polis and polispay!


Start advertising ( content is created and we keep going to create more and to partner up with other proposal owners to publish them as well is a goal we want to achieve as well!)
This would give the community the advantage to promote later created proposals as well as the already ongoing projects.

Once we are funded we will start to put out lots of paid advertising. For all kinds of polis content around the globe. English Spanish and German content are ready to go!

We’ve got a community of followers from about 85.000+ people already out of the crypto space.

Those and people who see the advertising get funneled into our webinars where they get to know the advantage of polis, masternodes and network marketing.

We plan to put out at least 75$ of advertising a day. This will reach about 3500x10 = 35000 people via paid ads + 75.000+ followers we’ve got already. Advertising a month gets us 1million plus people.

With the cointelegraph community we can reach up to 10 million monthly people in even more languages like japanese.

Milestone 2

Keep Advertising continuously ongoing, one of our most important features in this proposal is, that we will “buy” the amount of Polis coins we will receive to the price in BTC it’s worth on the day we get granted.

So we avoid to dump and effect the price and use the rewards we will receive to pay for advertising ongoing!

Customer Care service (24/7):

we have a customer care service for existing/prospective users to call/email us regarding the questions they might have as regards to our masternode hosting service.


HFNetworks: Proposal owner & project manager.

Nikolai Strojacovich: Marketing Communications Specialist.

Emanuele melchionda: CEO of the masternode hosting platform.

Vladimir galabov: CEO masternode hosting platform

Twitul + team: Software and website Developer


As work progresses and challenges are being overcome, a fully comprehensive and concise report will be uploaded on the community’s major social media platforms such a Polis forum and discord for the community to stay shoulder-to-shoulder with the latest happenings as regards to the project.


This proposal is divided into two milestones which is to be completed within the span of a month. Advertising will go on for a much longer time, the coins will be used to build masternodes, these rewards get used to pay lifetime for advertising.

We will start straight away after the funding to advertise already created content and create more over the next weeks and months for sure.


Based on the people we reach with the advertising and our platforms.

We reckon to get about 5-10% of people we reach to into polis. (average numbers in the past for other projects.)

75.000+ flowers now / 100 x 5 = 3750

Advertising on YouTube Instagram facebook

3500 per 7.5$ x 10advertisings = 35.000 reached people x 30 days = 1.050.000 people / 100 x 5 = 52.500

Per month.

Duration of advertising example 6 month

Total 352.500

*calculated without cointelegraph and their article


Polis promotion masternodes and polispay

General Requirement

Social media advertising

= 75$x30x6 = 13.500$

Or 2250$ per month.

Total = 13500

**PROJECT TOTAL = 13500$

Because we see the price of polis growing and do not have to spend all the money at once we will just need about 10.000Polis to sort everything out!
And ensure advertising.

To get the project started we need 10.000 Polis and we will use our Bitcoin to buy the polis coins so there won’t be a dump on the market.

We want to see polis grow!

We will calculate the price for Polis/Bitcoin on the day we get funded and keep this in a separate wallet to cover all the costs we will have for advertising.

If you have any further questions or want to add something to the project let me know.
If you want us to assist your polis project with our advertising campaign please send us a message!

Best regards
Hauke Frerichs