Adoption/Awareness Rate Estimation (Bringing-Polis-to-Africa)


Detailed Proposal Estimate:

The project is divided into 2 phases, phase one is targeted at the educating various merchants and business owners across 5 Nigerian states about the use and importance of crypto currency in their various business establishments using Polis as a focal point the objective in this is to attract the adoption and usage of Polis in their various everyday businesses which would also lay the ground work for the implementation of phase 2.

Phase 2 covers a series of seminars, lectures and meet ups aimed at college students, crypto currency/online investors, business men/women, tech enthusiast and anyone with an incline for investments, these would also span across the same 5 strategic states and having certain merchants already accepting Polis across the states from the completion of phase 1, a seamless and easy adoption of the Polis will be guaranteed after phase 2 is fully completed.

Breakdown for the number of expected audience:
Intensive 7days merchant adoption program per 5 states
75 = 35 days
Estimated number of audience may vary from state to state but an average of 200 people is expected in attendance per seminar in all 5 states which sums to 200
35= 7000 people in the span of 7 weeks completing phase 1.

Phase 2 comprise of a series of 9 total seminars ,conferences and meet ups respectively across all 5 states summing up to reach over 3000 people .
At the end of both phases the project is estimated to introduce Polis to about 5000 – 6000 people in the space of 3 months in which 60% or more of that number is expected to adopt Polis into various areas of their day to day transactions that number is projected to grow exponentially to 80% before the end of the year 2018.

Here is the link to the main proposal for this project: